Three month killa pack


Whether you want to cut back or quit the white stuff entirely, this is all you need: your Three Month Killa Pack.

We provide the neuroscience and habit expertise. You provide the desire to change.

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  • Intended for

    First-timers – no matter how bad your cravings.

  • How long it lasts

    Three months. This is why.

  • What you get

    A golden bullet for each month. A guide to get you through it.

Killa Vanilla top up


Let’s be realistic: we all like to enjoy indulgent foods on special occasions, say Christmas or an all-inclusive holiday. But preventing old habits re-emerging when you return to normality can be tricky without the right tools. Here’s our one month Top-Up to get you back on track.

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  • Intended for

    Killas who’ve beaten their cravings before.

  • How long it lasts

    One month; all you need to shove that sugar beast back in its box

  • What you get?

    A single bullet. You know what to do.

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Why it works

  • Killa combo

    Our craving killer combines
    ground-breaking neuroscience
    and habit-change theory.


  • Killa speed

    The Cross-Modal
    Sensory Compensation
    Effect kills cravings.

    It's a thing

  • Killa plan

    Habits that take time to form
    also take time to break. Follow
    the three-month pack.

    see the stages

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