Support - Kicking a habit is better when we have support. 
Balance - Balance is better than extremes. 
Control - Curbing short term impulses is key to long term success.
Positivity - Strive for improvement, not for perfection.

Chris and Dom came across the idea for Killa Vanilla in 2018 when they were developing olfactory devices for the medical industry. As part of their work, they came across break-through research that proved a link between olfactory stimulus and dopamine release; a mechanism that could suppress sugar cravings.


About Us


At the time they were both training to compete in the British Rowing Indoor Championships. Dom had decided to compete as a lightweight and had just 16 weeks to lose 8kg to reach the weight limit. Dom was desperate for a solution to help curb his intense sweet tooth, and so decided to create his own experiment to help avoid consuming excess and indulgent sugar.​

He approached some of his contacts to get the ingredients to build a prototype of what was to become Killa Vanilla. After seeing the immediate success of such a simple but significant change to his eating habits, Dom created another prototype for Chris.​ 

Chris was frustrated with succumbing to sugar binges which could undo a week's worth of training and dieting.  Killa Vanilla has become essential to fighting sugar cravings, especially when feeling overwhelmed with the magnitude of unhealthy food options during his daily pitstops and weekly food shop. It helped him break the habit of buying sugar-loaded food when feeling vulnerable to key triggers; having a bad day and feeling rubbish about himself.​ 

This success encouraged Chris and Dom to speak to others. After helping friends and family control their excess sugar consumption to reach weight goals, deal with concerns of type II diabetes, and lead healthier lifestyles they decided to launch Killa Vanilla.