Crush your cravings. kick the habit.

Killa Vanilla is a natural vanilla scent that helps reduce your cravings for cake, sweets, chocolate, desserts, fizzy drinks. Basically, anything that’s had sugar (and then more sugar) added.

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THREE BULLETS. three months. one less bad habit.

Killa Vanilla comes with three golden bullets. One for each month. That’s how long it takes to kick your sugar cravings. For good.

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How to use our golden stick

Killa Vanilla is neuroscience and habit-change combined into one. Its natural scent stimulates the dopamine release you seek from sugary food and drink. Plus, our three-month plan breaks the habit and puts you in control.

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Killa Vanilla tricks your brain into thinking it’s had sugar when it hasn’t. It’s called the Cross-Modal Sensory Compensation Effect. Still awake? Then read on.

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You can biohack those sugar cravings, but true habit change is about breaking the cycle too.

This is how

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