How to Measure Success with Killa Vanilla

Are you finally ready to quit your relationship with sugar and take back control of your eating habits? We get it, you’re sick of the sugar cravings, the crashes, and the power it has over you. That’s why Killa Vanilla exists. 

Killa Vanilla uses neuroscience and habit change to outsmart your cravings with our chosen natural vanilla scent. We designed the golden bullet to be your most powerful tool in your fight against sugar. 

It’s not an instant fix. You won’t be sugar-free from day one, or even week one. 

We know you want immediate results. We love a bit of instant gratification as much as anyone. But as with anything, real, sustainable change happens over time, not overnight. 

That’s why we always recommend that you track your progress and celebrate the small wins, so you don’t overlook and underappreciate everything you’ve achieved. 

Let’s explore how you can do this. 

Understanding Sugar Cravings and Habit Change

Your sugar cravings are a habit that you’ve built over time. For some of us, maybe even decades. 

Scientifically speaking, you’ve been reinforcing neural pathways in the brain every time you feed the craving and complete the habit loop. How often have you done that in the last week alone? 

But, like any bad habit, it can be broken if approached the right way - by replacing this habit with a new positive one. 

Every habit has a trigger or cue. Often, that’s emotion, like stress or boredom. Other times it may just be the simple act of walking in the front door. Removing those triggers usually isn’t a realistic option. That’s why we want to replace the response, rather than the cue. 

That’s where Killa Vanilla comes in. By using the golden bullet whenever you usually get cravings, you start creating a positive, healthy habit. The more you reinforce this new neural pathway, the more it breaks the one that makes you reach for the sugary snack. 

(You can read more about the actual neuroscience here.)

Set Realistic Expectations & Goals

When you start your Killa Vanilla journey, we encourage you to set realistic goals, or SMART goals if you want to dive deeper. 

As you set these, be patient. As we mentioned, you won’t break your sugar addiction overnight. We find many of our customers get distracted by the goal of cutting out all sugar and don’t realize just how far they’ve come in terms of cutting down.

Instead, it’s best to work on cutting down one snack or sugary drink at a time.

Here’s a simple way to set your goal: 

    1. Identify your enemy. What is your main sugary weakness? Where do you know you overconsume? E.g.: sugar in your tea, fizzy drinks, digestive biscuits, chocolate, etc. 
    2. Find your starting point. Measure how much you currently eat each day/week. 
    3. Set a goal to reduce that number. Focus first on cutting down, rather than cutting out. If you truly enjoy your sugary nemesis, and it’s not just a habit or addiction, then a treat now and again is fine. But if not, you’ll likely naturally want to cut it out as you achieve your goals and set new ones.
    4. Set the date a month from now. 
    5. Write it down. This is important. Writing down a goal helps you commit and reminds you to persevere and be consistent.
    6. Repeat at the end of each month. With the three-month pack, we suggest you break your goals into three, one for each month. This should make your three-month plan more manageable.
Good vs. Bad Examples

I will cut out all sugar in one month. 

✅I will cut down to one biscuit per week by [date three months from today].

Healthy Habits

You should also set 1-2 additional goals that contribute to healthy living. 

Killa Vanilla is intended as a keystone habit - a jumping-off point that makes it easier to stack and build other new habits that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. So, while you're using Killa Vanilla to tackle cravings, you're also creating space for other healthy routines and habits. 

This may be adding more fruit or vegetables to your diet (we don’t hate all sugar, just the processed stuff), having protein with every meal, adding at least 10 minutes of any movement into your day, or practising mindful eating. 

How to Measure Your Progress with Killa Vanilla

We know three months can feel like a long time, and your motivation will be all over the place. That’s where measuring your progress and celebrating your wins can make a difference. 

The more progress you see yourself making, the more motivated you’ll be to keep achieving. But you have to actually see the progress first. 

First, you’ll need a method to track your progress. Here are a few ideas:

  • Habit trackers (apps, journals, pen and paper). These are a great visual way of seeing progress. 
  • Journaling. You can track mood, energy levels, and general reflections as part of a daily journaling habit.  
  • Food tracker or meal plan. Write down what you actually eat each day to reflect on. 
What should you be tracking? 

We’re not suggesting you meticulously track your calories and macros (unless you really want to), but here are a few simpler things you can measure.

  • Number of [your enemy] eaten in a day/week (recommended).
  • Number of sugary junk food items eaten in a day. 
  • How many times you’ve used Killa Vanilla instead of eating or drinking sugary goods. 
  • Energy levels throughout the day, including the post-lunch afternoon slump.
  • Craving frequency and intensity. 

Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins! If you eat one less biscuit or chocolate bar a day because of Killa Vanilla, that’s a win. Be sure to acknowledge the progress you’re making - you’re one step closer to a healthier life.

Conquering sugar is a journey, and every victory deserves a high five! 

Tips for Building Sustainable Health Habits with Killa Vanilla

Remember, Killa Vanilla is a tool in your toolbox to rebuild your habits and create a healthier lifestyle, but it’s not the only one. 

Here are our favourite tips for building healthy habits alongside your handy golden bullet:

  • Swap out the sugary snacks. Ditch the cookies for yummy fruits or yogurt with granola. There are tons of delicious and healthy alternatives out there for when you’re peckish!
  • Plan your meals ahead. Planning meals and snacks in advance helps you avoid grabbing sugary stuff when hunger hits.
  • Eat before you go grocery shopping. If you go food shopping while hungry, you’re more likely to buy junk food. The more you buy, the more you eat. 
  • Order your groceries online. You can cut out temptation and impulse buying completely by ordering your weekly shop online. It’s easier to have self-control when it’s just pixels on a screen. 

Final Thoughts

Remember, creating healthy habits takes time and perseverance. Be kind to yourself, celebrate your victories (big and small!), and stay positive. 

Killa Vanilla is here to supercharge your sugar-reduction journey. With consistent effort and the power of neuroscience and habit change in your pocket, you'll be well on your way to a healthier, sugar-free you!

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