Why is Breaking the Cycle So Hard?

First off, sugar itself isn’t the enemy. It’s found in loads of different foods; from the obvious cakes, biscuits, and chocolate to the less obvious fruits, veg, and even milk. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid any food that has sugar. Can you imagine how overwhelming that would be?! Life’s too short to be that restrictive!

And, it’s actually an essential part of our diet. When you eat sugar, your digestion breaks it down to glucose, which enters the bloodstream, where it’s transported around the body and used as one of your main energy sources.

“Sugar isn’t bad, excess sugar is bad”

So if sugar isn’t the real villain, who is? Maybe we should be looking at those getting us hooked on the white stuff.

The mega-corporations fattening our waistlines (and their wallets) know exactly what they are doing; hiding sugar in so-called ‘healthy’ food and making sure that your next sugary hit is never far away.

These sugary shit-bags know your in-built weaknesses and they will use them against you. Filling our supermarket aisles and coffee shops with sugary treats; tempting you at every opportunity and forcing sugar where it’s not needed or wanted. Tricking you into overindulging and getting you hooked on a habitual cycle of excess consumption.

It’s not just us they try to trick, it’s our kids too. Have you ever stopped to really look at food advertising? Notice how the sugary stuff aimed at children is covered in bright colours and playful characters, whilst the actually healthy food looks bland and unappealing? They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

“Everything is designed to make you fail”

And what about the so-called ‘diet industry’? They’ll show you pictures of perfect people, with perfect bodies, and perfect diets to guilt you into buying their latest miracle. They know extreme and restrictive diets will make you lose a few pounds quickly, and then fall off the wagon and end up right where you started. So they can sell you the next one. They’re financially dependent on you never achieving real change.

So where do we go from here? To the only real solution; a focus on long-term sustainable health. You might tell yourself you’re starting a diet today and avoid the afternoon doughnut. But what about tomorrow? And the next day? In the long-run, restrictive diets don’t work!

You shouldn’t need meticulous and uncompromising discipline to avoid caving every time you’re confronted with sugar. If you crave doughnuts and cakes every time you see them, you’re not really in control. You need to kill the cravings for good, so you’re don’t even think about sugar.

Whilst, fads, extreme diets, quick fixes might try and shame you into buying in, we empower you to take back control. Giving you the ability to walk through a supermarket and not even think about the treat aisle, the ability to open a packet of biscuits and only have two. This might sound like a superpower, but it’s not!

And with a little help from us, you will get there.

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