Meet the Killa: Richard - Physio with a broken habit

Whereabouts in the world are you?

Chelsea, London.

And how do you make your living?

Physiotherapist; MSK physio.

What are your hobbies?

Football. Cycling. Travel (ha-ha!).

Before Killa Vanilla, what would a typical evening look like?

Shit food and TV. Quick and easy.

How long would you repeat this cycle?

I’ve been through cycles – months at a time.

What was your weapon of choice?

Chocolate or cake.

How did you feel afterwards?

Guilty. Regretful. Temporarily okay…but then those feelings would kick in.

Would you ever count the calories?

No. Sometimes count grams of sugar. But that quickly stopped after I realised how high they were.

Had you tried anything prior to Killa Vanilla?

I had a period where I tried herbal products. Dabbled with different diets but nothing consistently.

How did you discover Killa Vanilla? Instagram. How was the customer experience?

Quick and easy.

How long was the process with Killa Vanilla?

It’s ongoing. I wouldn’t put a timeframe on it yet.

How have you found the process?

Enjoyable. Easy. Part of my process was reading up on the background and the principles behind it, which I found interesting.

At what stage in the process did you notice key changes?

After a month.

How often do you use Killa Vanilla?

At least daily.

How do you feel now knowing you don’t succumb to sugar binges?

Much more in control.

Have you seen or felt any other unexpected benefits?

Flavour enhancement of other foods with reduced sugar intake. It’s been part of a holistic health journey: focussed on sleep, overall diet, exercise, mindfulness.

What would you like to see more of in the UK and the world?

More kindness, less selfishness.

Are there any other excesses you’d like to consume less of?

Plastics and general waste. A world with less Boris.

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