Meet the Killa: Pete the Paramedic

Whereabouts in the world are you? 

Cannick, Staffordshire.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a paramedic.

What are your hobbies? 

My daughter! I have a beautiful 10 year old girl. Breathing, meditation, yoga. I do a lot of breathing techniques. On the whole, it’s my work and my daughter!

Before Killa Vanilla, describe a typical evening? 

My whole day would consist of snacks with cups of tea. In the evening before my night shift, I’d have three sugars in my tea, and then during the night I would get tea whenever I could, with sugar every time. Then, through the night I’d get snacks. All night.

I would burn a lot of it off with loads of adrenaline, especially doing a 12-13 hour shift. But I’d get loads of headaches and toothaches too.

How long was this a pattern for? 

I’m 49, so most of my adult life! I’ve tried to go cold turkey before, but never found it this easy.

Which sugar weapon of choice? 

Tea with 3 sugars and chocolate hobnobs. I’d demolish the whole packet!

How did you feel afterwards? 

Guilty. I was in the marines and I’ve always had a good build. But, as I got older I found it harder to burn fat. I didn't like what I was seeing. My face got puffy. I felt bad about myself. I felt fat for the first time in my life.  

Would you ever count the calories? 

No. I’d notice it on my face. I looked in the mirror one day and thought I’ve got to do something here.

Had you tried anything prior? 

I went cold turkey once when I first started in 2017. I did okay, but had the most horrible sweats. It lasted a month before life took over and I went back to bad habits.

How did you discover Killa Vanilla? 

After my night shift, lying in bed on facebook. It randomly popped up. I saw the profile, looked into a couple more stories. Feeling depressed about my weight, I ordered. I genuinely didn't think it would work!

How was the customer experience? 

Everything was good. Fantastic really. Easy to order, easy to pay for.  

How long was the process with Killa Vanilla? 

I bought Killa Vanilla 5 weeks ago. Never had a cup of tea after using Killa Vanilla. Whatever people think of it, this is the honest answer. Very quick.

How have you found the process? 

Easier than I thought. I’d be sniffing it in the ambulance! I would explain what was happening. People might scoff because they don’t understand it, but it was very real for me.

I found it easier than anything. Always loved chocolate and sweets and I don’t touch it now. My teeth are so much better.

At what stage in the process did you notice key changes? 

On day one! I had my usual nightshift, which would consist of ten sugars (lots of cups of tea) and a bag full of chocolate. I didn’t have this, nor touched any sugar or tea after I got home. I went to bed thinking, that’s weird.

How often do you use Killa Vanilla?

I used it intensely for the first few days. Only for a few days and then every other day. But I still carry it with me. And I don't have cravings.

How do you feel now knowing you don’t succumb to sugar binges? 

It’s funny. Going to the pub. I don’t drink but always have cokes. Now I have water.

I feel a lot better and feel proud of myself with weight coming off. My love handles are coming off and in the face too. There’s still more to go, but that will come. I’ve saved a lot of money on the dentist.

Have you seen or felt any other unexpected benefits? 

I used to get massive sinus headaches. A lot of dehydration. I’ve not had a headache since. I would have one every couple of nights and have to take painkillers and cold showers. Now they’re completely gone. I’m less tired, lethargic, and nowhere near as jittery.

What would you like to see more of in the UK and the world? 

Kindness! Like attracts like. The world could be amazing if we were all kind.

Are there any other excesses you’d like to consume less of? 

Stress I suppose! I don’t have anything at the moment. I’d like more time! Do things I’d like to do! Nothing else I need to give up.

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