Meet the Killa: Natalie - The Science sets you free

Where’s home?

Northampton, UK.

What’s your job?

Fitness and lifestyle blogger.

What are your hobbies?

Keto baking, learning, reading self-help books, dog walking.

Before Killa Vanilla, describe a typical evening?

I'd eat a huge dinner portion on a full-sized dinner plate. Then, about an hour and a half later, I’d endlessly pick at more things like bread, chocolate and biscuits. Basically, anything loaded with sugar and total rubbish.

How long did this pattern go on for?

A real binge-cycle for years.

What would you crave?

To be honest, I’m a real crisp fiend. But when it comes to sugar - chocolate and popcorn. I’d always be buying the family sized packets. Once opened then sayonara. Other people could stop, I couldn’t.

And how did you feel afterwards?

Awful. I’d always wake up really hungry in the morning. In the night, my body would still process all the insulin, so in the morning I’d be hungry.

Would you ever count the calories?

It would depend if I was doing any kind of diet. Once I’d eaten a few squares of chocolate, I’d find it really hard to stay on top of what I was doing. The truth is, I didn’t want to know. I was blissfully blind to it.

Had you tried anything prior?

I tried different weight loss groups. The issue was I’d fall off the wagon and then freak out. I’d stop eating sugar for three days and then get really hungry in an afternoon and the binge would start all over again. I liked the principle of accountability in a group and doing it with a friend. But the moment my friend couldn’t do a night, I’d lose momentum.

How did you discover Killa Vanilla?

I discovered Davinia Taylor and she blogged about the product. I watched the Q&A you guys did, then did more research into it and decided to give it a go.

How was the customer experience?

So far, so good! Friendly.

How long was the process with Killa Vanilla?

I still use it. I have one in my handbag! I’ve been using Killa Vanilla since October.

How have you found the process?

I like the science behind what I do. I know the science of eating sugar, especially understanding how and why I crash after eating it. The science of the product (cross-modal sensory compensation effect) made sense to me. The more I used Killa Vanilla, the more sense it made.

None of us are perfect and so when I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been, it’s helped me understand what’s going on. This has helped in the long-run. The educational piece has helped me commit for longer.

At what stage in the process did you notice key changes?

Early on. Once I found the product, I was excited there was something that could help me with my journey. I’m all in or nothing. So I was committed and didn't struggle at all. It was within the first month I saw change; after three weeks I really got into it and started seeing the benefits. I’d take photos to help track my progress too.

How often do you use Killa Vanilla?

I took it everywhere with me; always in my handbag and next to me in the evenings on the sofa. It didn't just help with sugary foods, it actually helped me with all of it; toast and crisps too. I’d be happy with a hot drink and just smelling the stick. It stopped me from eating any rubbish.

How do you feel now knowing you don’t succumb to sugar binges?

Really fantastic. I feel enlightened being in control and not being controlled. I can go to a restaurant and not get sucked in.

Have you seen or felt any other unexpected benefits?

I was suffering from fibromyalgiaI and now have virtually no pains in the joints in my legs and across my body. I have less pins and needles in my arms at night and sleep much better with less inflammation from sugar.

What would you like to see more of in the UK and the world?

I’d love to see more sanctions on these food companies. There needs to be better regulation on what they’re pumping into children’s foods.

Are there any other excesses you’d like to consume less of?

I’m toying with going teetotal. I’m not a big drinker but I’m becoming more sensitive to alcohol. I don’t like the effects and am thinking of cutting it all out. I drink a lot of tea – I find it comforting, but I’d like less of this too. I’ve learnt they’re irritants for me. So alcohol and caffeine are next on my list.

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