Meet the Killa: Mandi - It was time to confront

Whereabouts in the world are you? 


What do you do for a living?

Dental receptionist.  

What are your hobbies? 

Going to the theatre, visiting national trust properties, reading, out walking with the dogs. 

Before Killa Vanilla, describe a typical evening? 

I’d have dinner, then a cup of tea with a whole packet of biscuits, or a large family bar of chocolate.  

How long was this a pattern for? 

Years. As long as I can remember. A bad habit I’d fallen into. I’ve always had a sweet tooth. It’s been a pattern of behaviour I’ve had for years. 

Which sugar weapon of choice? 

Biscuits and cake.  

How did you feel afterwards? 

Sick normally, having eaten too much. I’d end up with indigestion, which I had to take medication for. The sugar crashes would make me feel unwell and bloated.   

Would you ever count the calories? 

No. I didn't want to know. I’d switch off from it. I wasn’t thinking about my mindless eating and bad habits. I was also in denial. 

Had you tried anything prior? 

I tried willpower: lasted one day. I tried various diets. I tried fasting. I was quite good at it, but didn't carry on. I’d slip back into bad habits. Sugar was my emotional crutch. If I was stressed or after a bad day at work, I'd reach for chocolate. It would help ease my anxiety, as it would temporarily make me feel better. 

How did you discover Killa Vanilla? 

Facebook. I saw a sponsored post at the end of November (2021).

How was the customer experience? 

Brilliant. No problems. Came quickly.  

How long was the process with Killa Vanilla? 

This is the amazing part. It took about 5 days to see a big shift. It was so quick. I was astounded. When the cravings came, especially after dinner, I knew I wanted something sweet, I’d sniff Killa Vanilla. I also preempted the craving, so would have it with me and sniff it after dinner.

I noticed a difference after the first day and kept going as I didn’t want to stop early. After 5 days, I noticed a big shift and my whole mindset changed. My family would tease me as I’d always have sweet desserts. Now, I only have cheese crackers or nothing. They’re amazed. They thought I'd never be able to give up sugar. 

How have you found the process? 

Very easy. 

At what stage in the process did you notice key changes? 

After the first and fifth day. 

How often do you use Killa Vanilla?

I’ve only used it once in the past month. I carry it with me all the time. When I was using it in the early stages, I’d use it 4 or 5 times a day. 

How do you feel now knowing you don’t succumb to sugar binges? 

I feel so much better. The brain fog has improved immensely. I’ve got more energy. I’ve lost weight. I don't feel like a slave to my cravings. I feel released from constantly thinking about sweet things. 

I had a bit of chocolate today, but it was 2 squares of dark chocolate. Previously, it would be a whole family bar. I haven't had biscuits or cake for weeks either. I can walk down the confectionary aisle and that ‘got to have it’ feeling has gone. I don’t want it. 

The reason I bought Killa Vanilla was because I was diagnosed with diabetes. I knew I had to do something. I was anxious about giving up sugar. It’s changed everything. I had some blood tests done last week and had a text saying my bloods have much improved and are stable. So I’m expecting my blood sugar to come down. This is saving me from a chronic condition. It’s a huge game changer. 

I was diagnosed just before the first lockdown but ignored it and buried my head in the sand. The doctors started to chase me. I knew eating sugar would have to come to an end. I knew I had to get Killa Vanilla. I can’t put into words how pleased I am. This has changed my life.

Have you seen or felt any other unexpected benefits? 

My mind feels calmer. I feel less jittery, my blood sugars feel a lot more stable. It’s helped me make better decisions on other food I eat as well. 

What would you like to see more of in the UK and the world? 

People being nicer to each other. Looking after our planet, being kinder to our planet. Consuming less. And laughing more. 

Are there any other excesses you’d like to consume less of? 

I’d like to use the car less. And walk more. 

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